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英语短语系列知识点考点复习in person/in place/in practice

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摘要: 英语短语系列知识点考点复习inperson/inplace/inpracticeinperson亲自,本人例句Thewinnerwillbethereinpersontocollecttheprize.奖金需......
英语短语系列知识点考点复习in person/in place/in practice
in person亲自,本人
例句The winner will be there in person to collect the prize.
You may apply for tickets in person or by letter.
You have to sign for it in person.你得自己亲自签署。

in place在合适的位置;适当的
例句She likes everything to be in place before she starts work.
The proposal is not quite in place.
They put in place the tools of my new business.

in practice 练习;在实践中,实际上
例句It's important to keep in practice.经常练习很重要。
It's a fine scheme on paper,but will it work in practice?
It was quite useless in practice.

When I was young, like you, I had a dream.But my dream wasn't like that of a(n) __1__ kid.It was to be the best tennis player __2__ simply the best “female” one in the world.
__3__, I had a family encouraging me to follow my dream.I learned how important it is to __4__ a dream and to dream big.My fight began when I was three and I haven't taken a __5__ since.
But too often, most women are not supported or are __6__ from choosing their path.I hope it could be changed.For me, it was a __7__ of resilience (坚忍).What others marked as __8__ about me — my race, my gender — I accepted as fuel for my success.I never let anything or anyone __9__ me.I controlled my future.
When it comes to equal pay, it frustrates me __10__ I know first­hand that gender differences exist.I would __11__ want my daughter to be paid less than my son for the same work.Women have to __12__ many barriers to success.One is that we are constantly __13__ we are not men.People call me one of the “world's greatest female athletes”.Why don't they say LeBron is one of the world's best male athletes? We should never let this go __14__.We should be judged by our achievements but not __15__.
For everything I have achieved, I am __16__ to have experienced the highs and lows that come __17__ success.I hope my story will be a(n) __18__ for women to fight for their dreams.We must __19__ to dream big, and in doing so, we enable the next generation of women to be __20__ in their pursuit.
1.A.ambitious        B.excellent
C.average D.energetic
2.A.instead of B.regardless of
C.other than D.more than
3.A.Hopefully B.Fortunately
C.Obviously D.Generally
4.A.make up B.set up
C.care for D.push for
5.A.risk B.leave
C.break D.chance
6.A.defended B.excused
C.discouraged D.dismissed
7.A.thought B.question
C.moment D.bonus
8.A.disadvantages B.concerns
C.qualifications D.personalities
9.A.ignore B.attack
C.comfort D.limit
10.A.although B.because
C.unless D.if
11.A.ever B.even
C.never D.just
12.A.break down B.take after
C.lay aside D.put away
13.A.informed B.reminded
C.assured D.criticized
14.A.unchallenged B.unpunished
C.uncompleted D.uncontrolled
15.A.appearance B.position
C.background D.gender
16.A.superior B.grateful
C.indifferent D.preferable
17.A.with B.through
C.from D.beyond
18.A.intention B.inspiration
C.solution D.expectation
19.A.pause B.agree
C.promise D.continue
20.A.expert B.enthusiastic
C.brave D.learned
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